Create Media-Worthy Moments, from Announcements & News to Events

Sustainable Business Growth: From generating hype to supporting the product and business lifecycles, Block Relations is well equipped to build a story around your marketable assets and further the direction of your narrative.

Media & Branding Services


  • 2.9k followers; 1M+ views channel

  • Publish content directly on the Website, YouTube, and Social Channels

Syndicate Network

20+ partner amplification - access our unique network of partners to strategically deliver your message while remaining in control of your narrative.

  • CoinTelegraph

  • Coin Desk

  • Decrypt

  • CoinMarketcap

  • CoinGecko

  • More...

Media Opportunities

  • Conferences: Host your own conference and become the industry leader

  • Speaking Engagements: Participate as a lead speaker or panelist

  • Sponsored Events: Event and media sponsorship, we take care of the logistics

  • Podcast/ Livestream Appearances: Either scheduling you as a guest, or scheduling guests for your own podcast

Traditional Media

  • TV commercials: We create and distribute your next big commercial

  • Newspaper Advertisements: Attract traditional users through print and online publications

  • Direct Mail: Create a direct mail campaign to targeted user base

  • Newsletter: Get featured in industry specific leading newsletters

Thought Leadership

Introduce your Content to a whole new audience while being positioned as an industry thought leader.

  • Content Publication Agreements: Publish your own content in other journal or blog publications, positioning you as an industry leading and trusted expert

  • Magazines: Get featured in traditional print and online magazines

  • Blogs/ Journals: Third party original content created around education, data, and leading expert viewpoints.

  • Video Content: We create the next video content or motion graphic, editing, amplifying, serving you the final product while walking you through the drafting process.

Block Relations Syndicate Network

20 partners to support your media needs, scale your brand recognition, and expand your visibility.

Digital Media & Online Channels

  • Live-Steams: Get featured appearances on our channels or our partner channels

  • Webinars: We host and organize your online webinar format

  • Community Engagements: We organize community meetups globally for the expansion of your grassroots user base

  • Front-Page & Breaking News: Become featured on the front page of industry leading publications

Mainstream & Traditional Channels

  • Event Communications: Allow us to book your event guest

  • Developer Relations: We create inbound developer leads and sustainable community

  • High-Profile Interviews: We get you featured in the highest possible profile interviews to spread your message to your targeted audience

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