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Starting an Educational Course

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Good to know: our talented Research Analyst and Integration professionals will curate educational courses geared at onboarding the next wave of users and developers into your ecosystem.

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Anyone can sign up to become a Block Relations Student, just click the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of the website and complete the instructions on the page.

Course Registration

First find your course from the Course Catalog and click the one you want. Next you will "Enroll" in the course and follow the prompts. Some courses are Free and some require Payment. Most courses will come with an official completion Certificate.

Educational Course Creation Service

You are a project, new or established, and strive to create educational resources that will ultimately onboard more users, stakers, holders, validators, creators, subscribers or participants. We provide a full Educational Course Creation Service and will distribute to our user base directly from our Course Catalog. Creating a lead generator and educational tool for new and exiting users. Please Request a Proposal for an Educational Course Creation.