Block Relations

For Marketing

Market research, advertising, and promotional campaign
Good to know: depending on the product you're building, it can be useful to explicitly document use cases. Got a product that can be used by a bunch of people in different ways? Maybe consider splitting it out!

The Challenge

  • To create an industry-leading online event during the COVID-19 pandemic that united the blockchain and crypto industry in solidarity while serving as a socio-political experience and experiment on diversity in the technology space.
  • Block Relations has had significant success with in-person events; however, with the precedent for social distancing in full effect, the Block Relations team needed to be creative with its event marketing.

The Solution

  • Given the digital nature of work during COVID, Block Relations reached out to leading business leaders of the blockchain and crypto spaces to speak about important racial, social, and justice issues in tech on an online panel.
  • The online event also featured a technical demo of Guapcoin and Tavonia Evans discussed the coin's creation, function, and mechanism for donation.